Corporate 21 Media Group is the leading trade media in Asia with a robust portfolio of success stories in providing powerful media coverage to the rapid convergence of industrial, commercial and consumer sectors.

With integrated experiences aggregated over an extensive period, and geared towards enhancing our stakeholders' marketplace impact, we constantly consolidate our strength in producing industry-specific media across conventional and digital platforms to optimize the matching of the buyers-sellers ecosystem.

Today, Corporate 21 Media Group is on a heightened expansion mode to even better cater to a wide array of advanced media consumption and utility needs - providing full-spectrum value services to the industries we serve.

In terms of our media vehicles, we specialize in an integrated marketing approach that comprise print publication and online portal with the focused intention of keeping the industries abreast of the very latest news and developments. Each industry-targeted online portal carries comprehensive knowledge modules of innovative products and groundbreaking services that are professionally channeled to our encompassing contact base of dedicated subscribers who rely on our market intelligence.

Given all these developmental thrusts at Corporate 21, what is next? The C21TV Media Team, equipped with a high caliber grouping of professional journalists and market researchers, ensure that all fans and visitors to any of our knowledge portals will find pertinent Video Interviews, relevant News Reports and enlightening Product Demos all online in one location. C21TV will continue to forge through the most exciting forums, conferences and trade shows to bring you the best knowledge and video content as gathered from the professional playing field.

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Media Coverage at Exhibitions / Conferences / Social & Networking Events:

News Reports & Highlights:

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Corporate 21 Media Group encompasses the core domains of Industry Publications, Web knowledge dissemination, as well as Online Broadcast coverage via editorials and video content. Our regionally active Media Group publishes the quintessential professional sourcing guides for executive decision makers, both governmental and private, across a span of major industries.

These include:

  • Industrial Automation and Machine Intelligence
  • Medical Innovations & Technologies
  • Laboratory & Life Sciences Equipment
  • Infrastructure (Building & Construction)
  • Interior Design & Landscaping
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food & Hotel
  • Wellness & Spa
  • Education & Career Development Strategies
  • And More...

With our foresight and with our experiential track record and strategic market positioning, Corporate 21 Media Group is poised for meaningful incursion into more industry-specific media platforms across different industrial, commercial and the consumers sectors - providing mutual value proposition for the buyers-sellers ecosystem.

Stay tuned to us for more!