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With GUARANTEED CIRCULATION of printed publications and high volume unique visitors to all our online portals, our industry-specific media provides unchallenged results to your marketing efforts.

Adding to a Triple-Win Concept together with advertisements in the printed publications and online directory, advertisers may also submit marketing and/or product videos in our relevant online portal. Advertisers may also request for a video interview conducted by C21TV (at the discretion of Corporate 21 Media Group) which will be widely featured in the online portal.

Standard Procedures for Advertising

  1. Upon enquiry and request, we will be communicating with interested party via email or in person (Singapore & Malaysia only) to submit official advertising proposals.
  2. Upon confirmation to advertise, E-Invoice will be issued to the Advertiser via email.
  3. Once payment is made via cheque (in Malaysia only) or other legal means of money transfer, we will communicate with the Advertiser for the preparation of artwork submission, and the arrangements of video interviews / video product demo (if any).
  4. Advertisers may also submit corporate or product articles frequently to be uploaded in the relevant online portals.
  5. A copy of the printed publication will be sent to the Advertiser once it's being published.

If you're interested to ADVERTISE, kindly select the publications and online portals below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

  • Industrial Automation and Machine Intelligence
  • Medical Innovations & Technologies
  • Laboratory & Life Sciences Equipment
  • Infrastructure (Building & Construction)
  • Interior Design & Landscaping
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food & Hotel
  • Wellness & Spa
  • Education & Career Development Strategies
  • And More...

Online Portals

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