Dear learned viewers, this the anticipated video digest from the groundbreaking event in Kuala Lumpur last week! We were overjoyed and overawed by the overwhelming enthusiasm and erudite conversations that took place in every corner of the over 2000sqm Exhibition space.

Over the 3 days of our intellectual engagement on all things laboratorical and analytical - we have come to the logically foregone conclusion that the commercial and the academic must come together as an integrated, commercially viable unit - that there must be a continuously engaging duality between the Asia & the West in the commercial propagation of scientific advancements and technological innovations. This might seem to be an almost foolishly obvious observation - but as we know from the parallax error principle - we must constantly guard against assumptions, overcome standard deviations of opinions, and bridge the gap of discrepancy between universal theory and objective every-day applications.

May the following moving pictures medium provide you, dear erudite viewers, with a dose of enlightenment, a dash of insight and mayhaps a dollop of humor.

Last but not least, thank you for your continued support as our regular subscriber base has now exceeded 1000!


Nano-Biotechnology Researcher In Exploration With C21TV: On The Implicit Applications & Profound Implications Of Deductive Science From LabAsia's Technology Innovations

"LabNewsAsia believes that the conversations that matter most belong to the voice of the end user of any laboratory technology - and this voice is that of the researcher who will oftentimes offer even valuable insights to the application of these showcased innovations, as succinctly highlighted in this conversation..."

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EMCLAB To Launch Precise Volume Spectrophotometric Analysis Method In Malaysia (NANO)

"The most powerful advocates of new technology often comes from the commercial practitioner of science, where companies combine in-house proprietary research methodologies to produce improvements of analysis that impact so many other members of the research fraternity, as shown in this conversation..."

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